Your Own Brand


Research shows that a human brain can match places and products with their essence and it can store these memories for 20 years.

PERFUNIQ is proud to bring you the next generation of branding by developing a full package of your brand – place – product with its own unique essence.


Our essence expertise will go step by step with your brand needs by:

  • developing and creating a unique and personal essence.
  • applying a test case on the product/firm place.
  • implementing full solution of the personal essence into reality.

Our service includes:

  • lobby / entrance / halls fragrant with the unique essence
  • commodities / final products using the personal essence
  • essence delivery electrical/semi electrical devices
  • unique final products

Our customers and partners:

  • Hotels
  • Spa
  • Clothing stores
  • Gift shop
  • Cafe and bakeries
  • Transport companies
  • Firms
  • Boutiques