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Our Own Branding

Our Own Branding

Research shows that a human brain can match places/products with their essence and it can store these memories for 20 years. PERFUNIQ is proud to bring you the next...

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Perhaps the best accident we had during our recent trip to Israel was wandering into Shachars store. Shachar will asks you a series of lifestyle and taste questions and then begins to blend a custom scent, keeping you involved in the process the whole time. I went first and enjoyed it so much my wife decided to try it also. She liked it so much we brought our seventeen year old daughter to try it too. This is much more than a purchase it is definitely a “chavaya”Not

Wow, what an indulgence of pure joy. I know folks come to Jerusalem for many reasons but if you can carve out 2 hours for a special treat, do! You will not be disappointed. My husband and I were spoiled from the moment we entered. Such an education on scents. You asked a series’s of questions based on your answer your special perfume in put together. You chose your bottle from many. You leave with you special one of a kind! They keep you mixture recipe on file so you can call and have it sent to you. Thank you for a luxurious experience!

Me and my wife stayed in Jerusalem and we looked for something else to see and discover in this beautiful city
We found this store “Perfuniq” in a local web site and we went to see what it is all about so we met a lovely couple who run a very interesting and unique concept: Based on a personal interview they prepare a personal perfume for you.  We both seat and answer set of questions and finally we received our own perfume. And it smells like heaven!!!  Don’t miss!!!

He was a master of his craft, made the experience very personalized and fun! It was such an incredible experience and I can’t recommend it enough!

We spent two hours (for the two of us) in this store adjacent to the Mamilla shopping complex, what an experience! Shahar Schwartz (the owner) will design a perfume or cologne that is yours alone. He takes the time seek out your own nuances, does the mixing (like blending a fine wine) and what comes out is total satisfaction. It IS an experience that you should consider. Aside from the tourist spots, souvenir shopping, and sitting in the spa, you should add this activity to your list, you won’t regret it

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